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Skriptify is an organization dedicated to helping out the users who were affected by the 12 plugin limit.

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See what Skriptify has to offer, and what makes us a community-favorite.

Completely Free

Skriptify is available to everyone, at no cost. Our project is non-profit and will always be free to use.

Frequent Updates

We've hired quite a few people to work for our project. Everything is updated weekly.

Quality Support

We now have a Support branch. Featuring in-depth and simplified tutorials to assist you.

We Care

Each individual associated with our project cares about the community and the quality of our resources.

Open Access

We allow users to contribute their Skript creations to our site. Join us on Discord to contribute.

Active Community

Our community is relatively active, so you can receive Skript support from fellow coders.


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  • 13 years of age
  • Moderation Experience
  • Basic knowledge of Skript
  • Member for more than a day
  • Full knowledge of Rules



  • At least 13 years of age
  • Very active on Discord
  • Moderate Skript knowledge
  • Advanced Server Knowledge
  • Ability to work in a team

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by our users.

  • What is Skriptify?

    Skriptify is an organization dedicated to helping the users affected by the 12 plugin limit implemented on Minehut. We provide free scripts for the community.

  • You can contribute to our project by joining our Discord server and following the guidelines and instructions.

  • You can apply for Moderator, Support, or Developer by navigating to the form. Application openings may vary.

  • No. Skriptify was made by community members, for community members. We are not affiliated with Minehut.

  • Skriptify offers in-depth and simplified tutorials for anything you would need help with relating to your Minehut server. There are Skript tutorials and plugin tutorials available. Just navigate to